Featured on Apartment Therapy!

posted on: Saturday, March 23, 2013


As if seeing my words on Design*Sponge earlier this week wasn't cool enough, Apartment Therapy loved Cadence's nursery and so sweetly shared it online this week. Other than a snarky commenter going on about how I didn't put enough color or shapes in it for his development (whatevs) people seemed to really like it. Also, can I go on an anti-mommy-craziness tangent for a second and just say that children throughout the history of the world, and still in most countries less spoiled than our own, don't have fancy nurseries full of brightly painted colors and baby einstein videos and scientific toys for their dendritic development and they all have turned out just fine. Moms have enough stuff to worry about and enough to take care of already without other women coming up with more things that they are doing wrong according to nothing. Can't we just fucking support each other without always having to tell someone where they are coming up short? Guess what snarky dendritic development lady? Cadence sleeps on his belly too. And he's formula fed. And women in Cambodia let their babies play with goats. And somehow everyone survives. There's not one right way. *steps off soapbox* 

Anyways.... Cadence's room is the only room in our house that's 100% completed and it has so much meaning and thought put into each detail that it makes me immediately happy whenever I'm in there. It's calming. It's Cadence's favorite room too (even with it's atrocious lack of bright colors, ha) and he instantly mellows when we walk into it and loves to look at the prints on the big blue wall and at the little moon mobile that I made. 

 I'm so honored that Apartment Therapy chose to share it and I hope it inspires other moms to be to think outside the box with the design of their nurseries. Thanks AT!