What Happens In Vegas...

posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Love us some WPPI shenanigans. Wish we lived closer to these talented folks we get to call friends.

Sydney & Michael at Bella Collina

posted on: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bella-collina-wedding-orlando-photographers-007 bella-collina-wedding-orlando-photographers-009 bella-collina-wedding-orlando-photographers-008 bella-collina-wedding-photographers-by-the-robinsons-2 bella-collina-wedding-orlando-photographers-003 bella-collina-wedding-orlando-photographers-002 Sydney was beyond breathtaking in this blush pink gown on her wedding day in January at Bella Collina in Monteverde, Florida. Wedding coordinated by Blush By Brandee Gaar

Five Trips Around The Sun...

posted on: Monday, April 15, 2013

001-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 002-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 004-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 007-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 010-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 011-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 012-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 013-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 014-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web 015-jenna-travis-wekiva-springs-portraits-web While we love shooting engagement sessions with giddy-in-love couples on the road to matrimony, there is something extremely special about documenting a couple celebrating an anniversary. There is a weight to the session, a grounded-ness. There is a knowing between them. There is a safety, even in the usual nervousness experienced before having your photograph taken. Making photographs for people who have been married is not about telling the story of how they met, it’s about telling the story of how they endured. Anyways, I’ve found a deep love for shooting married couples. Like Jenna and Travis who are celebrating five years together this year…

Lauren & Jeff's Golden Sunset Wedding

posted on: Saturday, April 13, 2013

lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-003 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-001 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-006 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-007 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-008 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-009 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-010 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-011 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-013 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-014 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-015 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-016 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-018 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-019 lauren-jeff-orlando-wedding-020 Lauren and Jeff met as producers for MTV's True Life. And, true story, they worked on one of the documentaries a bunch of our college friends were in. Small world, right? I love how life works. Wedding coordinated by Brittany Sobering of  Tickled Pink Brides.

A Downtown Orlando Engagement Session

posted on: Friday, April 12, 2013

downtown_orlando_engagement-24 downtown_orlando_engagement-23 downtown_orlando_engagement-22 downtown_orlando_engagement-19 downtown_orlando_engagement-17 downtown_orlando_engagement-10 downtown_orlando_engagement-06 downtown_orlando_engagement-05 downtown_orlando_engagement-04 downtown_orlando_engagement-03 downtown_orlando_engagement-01 Raji and Kayla let us drag them all over downtown Orlando to document this fun season in their lives. They are witty, sweet, tender, and gentle with each other. They are so fun to get to know, witness, and photograph.

On Tunnelvision...

posted on: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

amanda-adam-staugustine-engagement-40 That moment when the world spins around you and there's nothing left but you and him a million times over and over again.