Kelley & Ruben's Wedding Day at the Winter Park Racquet Club

posted on: Saturday, May 25, 2013

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It wasn't the donuts. Even though those rank pretty high on our list of best wedding desserts ever. It wasn't the crazy dance floor shenanigans. Even though they were pretty epic. It wasn't the absolute ease that Kelley and Ruben were at all day. Even though that was pretty great to get to experience. Our favorite thing from Kelley and Ruben's wedding was a very special moment during their ceremony when all their family and friends blessed their wedding rings. 

We've seen "ring warming" ceremonies before. In them, the rings are passed from guest to guest and are warmed with love before the couple exchanges them. It's a lovely little tradition. But we had never seen any wedding where it moved us as much as this one. 

Each guest lingered over the rings, hugging them between their hands. Bowing their heads in quiet respect. Some guests even brought their hands up to their lips. There were smiles that seemed to communicate more than we could know. There were tears. By the time the rings made the circle back to Kelley and Ruben every guest had imparted a little bit of their own energies and love into them. You could feel it. It was thick and sweet like honey. 

Thanks Ruben and Kelley for letting us witness your commitment, your family, your joy, and your love. 

Personal | The Art of the Narrative

posted on: Sunday, May 19, 2013


This frame is, quite possibly, my favorite frame yet from my (now retired) Polaroid 250 Land Camera. This is a frame from our weekend in Treasure Island with my family a little over a year ago. My mom is on the left, with Cadence in her arms, and my aunt in the chair. 

Photographs like this, to me, are exactly why the art and treasury of narrative photography are so important. Frozen moments from a bigger story are plucked out of time, beautifully, and chronicled forever. If I found a photo like this of my grandmother holding me as a baby I’d be thrilled. I hope one day Cadence understands why we take photos like this for him. These days, these moments, these stories. We are charged as the keepers of his history. These images are the words of his life story.

Vanessa & Jeff's Engagement in the Oldest City

posted on: Saturday, May 4, 2013

st-augustine-engagement-055 st-augustine-engagement-056 st-augustine-engagement-030 st-augustine-engagement-035 st-augustine-engagement-018 st-augustine-engagement-009 st-augustine-engagement-011 st-augustine-engagement-043 st-augustine-engagement-041 st-augustine-engagement-058 st-augustine-engagement-104 st-augustine-engagement-099 st-augustine-engagement-067 st-augustine-engagement-063 st-augustine-engagement-060 st-augustine-engagement-061 st-augustine-engagement-015 st-augustine-engagement-037 st-augustine-engagement-069 st-augustine-engagement-078 st-augustine-engagement-075 st-augustine-engagement-082 st-augustine-engagement-080 Nate is from St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country. It's a charming place, to be sure. A mix of history, art, and a small beach town vibe. So it's not very hard to convince us to make the drive to visit this little city that we love. Jeff and Vanessa love it too and they wanted to hang out for the afternoon and have their engagement photographs taken surrounded by the beautifully peeling paint and spanish architecture. You don't have to ask us twice!