Vanessa & Jeff's Engagement in the Oldest City

posted on: Saturday, May 4, 2013

st-augustine-engagement-055 st-augustine-engagement-056 st-augustine-engagement-030 st-augustine-engagement-035 st-augustine-engagement-018 st-augustine-engagement-009 st-augustine-engagement-011 st-augustine-engagement-043 st-augustine-engagement-041 st-augustine-engagement-058 st-augustine-engagement-104 st-augustine-engagement-099 st-augustine-engagement-067 st-augustine-engagement-063 st-augustine-engagement-060 st-augustine-engagement-061 st-augustine-engagement-015 st-augustine-engagement-037 st-augustine-engagement-069 st-augustine-engagement-078 st-augustine-engagement-075 st-augustine-engagement-082 st-augustine-engagement-080 Nate is from St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country. It's a charming place, to be sure. A mix of history, art, and a small beach town vibe. So it's not very hard to convince us to make the drive to visit this little city that we love. Jeff and Vanessa love it too and they wanted to hang out for the afternoon and have their engagement photographs taken surrounded by the beautifully peeling paint and spanish architecture. You don't have to ask us twice!