Jeff & Vanessa on Black Frame Spectra

posted on: Tuesday, June 4, 2013

vanessajeff_blackframspectra_1composite_web vanessajeff_blackframespectra_004_web vanessajeff_blackframespectra_003_web
I brought one of my vintage Polaroid cameras, my Polaroid Spectra, to Vanessa and Jeff’s wedding at Cypress Grove Estate House to play with one of my favorite films, Black Frame Spectra from The Impossible Project. The camera is from the 1980′s and shoots a wide polaroid image.

Each of my polaroids is different, and being vintage, they each have their own quirks. This Spectra produces dreamy and slightly ghostly white edges on most of the frames. It’s almost like you are looking through a tiny keyhole to a black and white dream. These are my three favorite frames from the Spectra of the day. I especially am in absolute head over heels love with the first frame below-a double exposure of Vanessa in her dress and veil layered with beautiful wildflowers on the property.