The Big Day! Our New Site is Live!

posted on: Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I've written and re-written this post in my mind about a hundred times. How do I describe in words a project that has taken over a year of work and has been in the works for even longer than that?

It is more than just a new website. It is more than just a new name. By The Robinsons is an entirely new direction and dream and we are so excited to finally be able to share it with the world.

We started feeling it a few years back, this pull towards something deeper and different. We weren't sure how it was going to look but we started to pay attention. After having our son we were even more inspired. We were recognizing how special the seemingly un-special everyday moments were to us with him around. As we documented the first year of his life in images we realized that it wasn't the perfectly posed ones that meant the most to us, but the messy, chaotic, dirty-faced real life frames that held our heart. And that was when we knew... we had to give this same experience to others.

But what would it look like? How do we get people to understand that everything doesn't have to be perfect and planned to be beautiful. In fact, it's the moments of chaos or intense emotion or unexpected events that we find have the deepest significance. How do we find these hidden stories and share them in a way that makes complete strangers feel connected to the subjects in the photos? That's when By The Robinsons was born.

We started collaborating with our couples who were planning weddings, with young families, with other creatives and brands to tell their stories of celebrating life and milestones and work and fun. And we loved it so much we knew we couldn't look back.

So here we are finally showing you what we've been working on for so long. There is so much new that it might take you a while to discover it all. We hope you'll spend some time digging around and exploring. We've got lots to share.

First you might notice that we have a shop now. We are so excited about it. We'll be offering limited runs of items made locally by artists by hand. Each and every item in the shop will be something to help you celebrate the moments that make up your life. You'll see our new mantra, "Moments Not Things" all throughout our shop and site. You'll be seeing that a lot around here now as we are on a mission to encourage everyone to spend their time collecting special moments of a life worth remembering.

You might also notice that our website is not just about weddings anymore. You, my astute friend, are correct. We love weddings and are still taking wedding commissions but we have added a few other layers to our work and we are so excited to now have the opportunity to branch out working more with young families and collaborating with brands, businesses, and other creative entrepreneurs.

We've also launched something new that we are very excited about. In an effort to make quality photography available to everyone (while also still being able to pay our bills) we've created something special: The BTR Loyalty Program. With our new program you can now earn "BTR Bucks" to use toward our services and products. All by just helping us spread the word about our work. You love us, we'll love you right back! We are really excited to see what happens so we haven't put a cap on how much you can earn. Read all about here.

And to celebrate our launch, we've decided to add a few extra ways for you to earn BTR bucks right away! In addition to the ways of earning them listed here, you can also earn them this week (ends on Saturday at midnight EST!) by...

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook (email us to let us know after!) - 1 BUCK/ea.
Share about our launch on FB (and link to us @ByTheRobinsons) - $5 BUCKS
Blog about our launch and email us a link to your post - $10 BUCKS

So you know what to do now... go poke around, enjoy, spread the word, pop some champagne (oh wait, that's us) and enjoy the new: BY THE ROBINSONS

(ps... I know you all loved the waves on our coming soon page so we included them in the site! See if you can find them, and then just leave the site up and enjoy your ocean view!)