When We Were Young | Weeks 1-5

posted on: Sunday, February 2, 2014

For our son's first year I decided to take a photograph of him every day. I called it my "When We Were Young" project. Mostly because the photographs, when he looks back on them one day, won't just tell him about himself, but also about who we were as his parents when we were young too. It was a tough photo project, and I missed a few days here and there. But I captured, without realizing, so much of our family story that would have slipped away to the forgotten past if it wasn't captured in a photo. The messy details, the life happening in the background of the photograph, the bits and pieces when put together paint a story of who we all were in 2012.

It was that photo project that initially inspired my "at home" style family sessions that I now do and love so much. A relaxed and honest portrait of this time in a family's life. They may not be perfectly posed or styled, but they are more beautiful and precious than any posed portrait that I have. And I want to give that same feeling and treasure to other families. I digress...

For Cadence's 3nd year I wanted to do another photo project. But the photo-a-day was daunting. So I decided to shoot images throughout the week whenever inspiration struck and pick 1 each week that I felt like was a portrait of my son at that week in his life. I want to share them with all of you as well so you can get a bit of a glimpse into our home and family life. And hopefully to inspire you to take out your camera and capture the mundane and messy moments in your family's life. We are the history keepers for our family and future generations. Make portraits. Make memories.

And now I present to you, Cadence Archer's 2nd year, weeks 1-5...

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From top:
- He has become quite the accessory aficionado. This combination was especially funny.
- Cadence turned 2 this week, and we continued our birthday frozen yogurt tradition.
- He is obsessed with lighters and candles and blowing them out.
- He got this little power quad as a gift and wants to drive it forever. But the funny part is that he is fascinated by the wheels and watches them the whole time he's driving. Much to my panic.
- Every red truck is a "fiya tuck" so we took him to visit the real ones.