Popup Playdates | Natural Easter Egg Dyeing Party with 100 Layer Cakelet

posted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So excited to share that our first ever Popup Playdate was featured by one of our favorite blogs, 100 Layer Cakelet! Head over there to see the feature! I wanted to take a few moments to share a few of my favorite images from the shoot (some extras too!) and talk a little bit about this playdate!

We wanted to create a morning that was fun for the kids, not too stressful for the moms, and that was also natural and educational! We decided to do an Easter egg dyeing party! We took the kids to a local farmer's market and petting zoo where we could let them interact with the animals, even feed them, and where we could pick up some fresh eggs from a local farm! Naturally dyeing eggs is so simple and you can pick up pretty much everything you'd need from your local market! We chose to stick with just 4 colors but there are many more options. A quick Pinterest search and you'll find tons!

We decided to try for lavender, orange, pink, and light green. To do this we used spinach, blueberries, beets, and paprika! So easy. To make the dyes you simply put the produce, chopped, into bowls (one for each color) and pour 1.5 cups of boiling water over them into the bowls. You let them steep on your counter until room temperature then you add vinegar! The vinegar helps the color "stick" to the eggs. It's that simple you guys!

The great thing about naturally dyeing eggs is that it is so very low stress. Since the dyes were practically just vegetable water with vinegar we didn't have to worry about the kids sticking their hands into the jars or even splashing the dye onto the table. When we were done, we just poured the excess into the yard. Easy, natural, stress free!

I hope this Popup Playdate inspires you to try natural egg dyeing this Easter with your little ones! Why not invite their friends over and make it a party? Ashley Brooke Designs created the adorable invitation you see here and has graciously made it available as a FREE digital download for you to use for your own Egg Dyeing Playdates. Hop on over (ha!) to 100 Layer Cakelet to get the free download! And special thanks to Brittany from Tickled Pink Brides for her gorgeous styling!

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More Popup Playdates are in the works! If you'd like to participate, either with your child just for the fun of it or if you'd like to be a sponsor for a future event, please send us an email to hello@bytherobinsons.com!